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Here are a list of crosswords and crossword clues where the answer is shag. We take a large list of crossword puzzles and find the most common useful answers to crossword clues to provide for our Crossword Solver.

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NY Times, Tuesday, January 11, 19942 downLively dance
NY Times, Thursday, March 17, 19946 across Chase flies
NY Times, Tuesday, May 10, 199448 across Dance or hairstyle
NY Times, Tuesday, July 05, 19949 across Carpet variety
NY Times, Tue, Nov 29, 19945 across Retrieve, as fly balls
NY Times, Tue, Sep 26, 199536 across Layered hairdo
NY Times, Sat, Jan 20, 199624 across Tangled hair mass
Gone Fishing6 across Nap
NY Times, Wed, Sept 11, 199634 downRug variety
NY Times, Wed, Oct 23, 199610 across Chase flies
NY Times, Wed, Jan 01, 199749 across Vigorous dance
NY Times, Thu, Feb 27, 19971 across Coarse tobacco
NY Times, Wed, Jul 23, 199750 downLong nap?
NY Times, Mon, Jul 28, 199710 across Kind of carpet
NY Times, Tue, Oct 14, 19975 across Uneven hairdo
NY Times, Tue, Jan 27, 199838 downMass of hair
"Green Eggs and Hamlet"89 across Catch, as flies
NY Times, Mon, Oct 26, 199823 downLively old dance
"Proverbial Conflicts"52 downChase flies
NY Times, Wed, Nov 03, 199910 across Pipe tobacco
NY Times, Thu, Nov 18, 199955 downCarpet type
UNSELFISHNESS15 across Salon cut
NY Times, Mon, May 01, 20005 across Kind of carpet
NY Times, Thu, Jul 06, 200039 downHairstyle
NY Times, Mon, Oct 23, 200019 across Uneven hairdo
NY Times, Thu, Nov 30, 20005 across Fetch
NY Times, Sat, Feb 24, 200136 downChase in the field
TERRA COGNITA77 across Uneven do
NY Times, Thu, Dec 20, 200140 across Go after
NY Times, Fri, Oct 25, 200234 down1970's hairdo
NY Times, Mon, Apr 28, 2003 Note: The eight circled letters can be rearranged to spell an appropriate bonus word.11 downDance popularized in the 1930's
NY Times, Sat, Aug 23, 200341 across Fetch
NY Times, Tue, Mar 02, 200458 downKind of carpet
GRIDIRON GLOSSARY39 across Carpet type
NY Times, Tue, Dec 21, 200442 across Layered do
NY Times, Tue, Jun 21, 20056 across Carpet type
NY Times, Sat, Jul 02, 20051 downCatch some flies
NY Times, Mon, Nov 06, 200640 across Certain carpet or hairdo
NY Times, Mon, Jun 09, 200854 downRetro cut
NY Times, Wed, Jul 23, 200857 downLayered haircut
NY Times, Mon, Jan 26, 200965 across Kind of carpet
NY Times, Wed, Feb 04, 200952 downFarrah Fawcett's signature do
NY Times, Tue, Apr 14, 200954 downCatch and throw back, as fly balls
NY Times, Tue, Aug 18, 200950 downThick carpet
NY Times, Thu, Jul 22, 201046 across Catch, as flies
NY Times, Thu, Sep 16, 201015 across Retro hairstyle
NY Times, Tue, Oct 19, 20108 downThick carpet
BARGAINING58 across Carpet option
V-294 downCatch some flies

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