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Crossword clues for the answer 'twas'

Here are a list of crosswords and crossword clues where the answer is twas. We take a large list of crossword puzzles and find the most common useful answers to crossword clues to provide for our Crossword Solver.

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I Wanted To Be a...43 downMoore starter
NY Times, Tue, Apr 06, 199953 down"___ the night before..."
NY Times, Tue, Jun 01, 199921 across "___ the night before..."
NY Times, Mon, Jan 01, 20015 across "___ the night before ..."
NY Times, Sat, Feb 03, 200141 across "Jabberwocky" opener
NY Times, Tue, Feb 20, 200116 across "___ the night before ..."
NY Times, Mon, Mar 05, 200163 across First word of Carroll's "Jabberwocky"
NY Times, Thu, Jun 07, 200147 down"Jabberwocky" opener
NY Times, Fri, Sep 28, 200153 downFirst word of "Jabberwocky"
NY Times, Wed, Dec 12, 200137 down"___ the night ..."
NY Times, Wed, Jan 09, 200256 downStart of a Yuletide reading
NY Times, Tue, Oct 01, 200233 down"Jabberwocky" starter
NY Times, Fri, Jan 03, 200350 down"Jabberwocky" starter
NY Times, Sat, Feb 01, 200355 across "... ___ but the wind": Byron
NY Times, Fri, Jun 06, 200334 across "Jabberwocky" start
NY Times, Thu, Nov 20, 20031 across Christmas poem opener
NY Times, Mon, Mar 22, 200430 across "___ the night before Christmas ..."
NY Times, Fri, Jul 16, 20041 downMoore verse opener
AT THE PRESENT TIME102 downStart of a Christmas classic
NY Times, Wed, Mar 09, 200510 across "Jabberwocky" starter
NY Times, Tue, Aug 09, 200548 down"Jabberwocky" start
ALTERNATING CURRENT40 downIt's in the past
NY Times, Thu, Aug 03, 200653 downHoliday poem opener
TRIPLE PLAY27 across Poetic contraction
NY Times, Sat, Jan 13, 200725 across "Jabberwocky" opener
NY Times, Wed, Nov 28, 20071 across "Jabberwocky" start
NY Times, Sat, Dec 29, 200711 across "___ wondrous pitiful": "Othello"
I NEED MY SPACE45 across First word of "Jabberwocky"
NY Times, Mon, Dec 01, 200852 down"___ the night before Christmas ..."
NY Times, Thu, Mar 26, 200936 across Christmas verse starter
NY Times, Mon, Apr 19, 20106 across "___ the night before ..."
NY Times, Sat, Oct 23, 201037 across "___ Love — not me": Dickinson
HAVING ASPIRATIONS14 across Start of "A Visit From St. Nicholas"

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